communication_skillsCommunication skills are very important in every stage of life. Whether we talk about workplace or routine matters, such skills help us to cope with anger,conflict, frustration and anxiety.

Everyone has different style of communication. It is very important to find out what type of communicator you are and whether your communication style is helping or hindering you or is it the main cause of conflict; while working as a team member. No doubt, adapting best way of communication helps us to kick conflict from workplace.

Here are the four most popular styles of communication:



1.The passive communicators: They usually avoid catching anyone’s eye throughout team meeting. They feel that their opinion and feelings are overlooked by their colleague(s). They always try not to ruffle anyone’s feelings. They usually have little control on what happen in workplace or in team.


conflict_management2.On the other hand aggressive communicators are those who feel difficult to deal with frustration. Usually make impulsive decisions and they consider what they know is only right. They usually feel trouble in focusing on other team member’s point of view ,he/she made during meeting.




3.Whereas passive-aggressive communicators shy away from confronting issues openly and also they might not agree on the direction things are going. They usually feel frustrated and sometimes ignored.



4.Assertive communicators  usually control their feelings in meeting whether they are agreed or disagree on the topics under discussion. They conflict-managementusually look into the eye when they talk and able to state their opinion without undermining and labeling their colleague(s). They take a flexible approach and can peacefully listen the opinions of others. They usually make sure, no one is taking advantage from them.

These styles of communicators have different strengths and weaknesses but the best style, in above mentioned styles ,is assertive communication. This style helps everyone to cope with conflict, helps to communicate effectively or to wipe out the conflict before it starts showing its effects.

Everyone might not able to adapt such style but one can adapt such skills which can  avoid rising any type of conflict within a team, every member have to contribute with such communication skills ,so that they would able to accomplish their goal.

Every member has toconflict-management

  • To stay focused on the topic under discussion during meeting.
  • Everyone has to control or keep emotions out of meeting to avoid any sort of conflict.
  • Understand the viewpoints of others and say good bye to ego, so that one can easily accept the criticism.
  • Acknowledge and hear other’s opinion even if you are not agree at that point; wait for your turn to express your point of view.
  • Conflict usually rise when one member try to get defensive.
  • Take a break to overcome your tension and frustration. If you remain unable to beat tension and frustration you might get aggressive which can lead to conflict.

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