Now a days Tension is very common and  relief pills are becoming part of our diet. No day tips to kill tensionpasses without this word and scientifically it is also known as mental illness. The famous quote “Maturity is achieved when a person accepts life as full of tension (Joshua L. Liebman)” also show the bitter reality of life .

It not only affects our mental and physical health but also effect our work performance…. whereas stress is an alternative expression of tension in our life. Variety of pain killers we use which also have side effects as well .

Symptoms of tensions:

Headache, pain in shoulder or  scalp or neck and back are common symptom in tension and other symptoms are as dullness, sleepiness,  vomiting,  stomach disturbance/pain, irregular heartbeat, diarrhea, depression, constipation, dry mouth, cramps  and extreme thirst, fatigue, excessive smoking, lips/nails biting and over eating are also the symptoms of tension.

Tension needs attention:

Everyday, we and our work performance are at risk; our life need attention to get rid of tension. No doubt, Tension can convert our life into miserable situation directly and indirectly and more tension means  more stress level then surely victim of anxiety.

Tips to kill “tension” before “tension” kills your life peace:

Most important is how to get rid of it by finding its main cause……… have to keep a vigilant eye on what happen to you while you feel tense or  you are in little stress as well as what makes you tense; to find out the main cause.

Make a habit of exercise daily; whatever the busy life you are living’ you must do exercise.

Take a bath while you are in tense situation.

Drink water which is  good in tense situation and also for your health.

Keep your hand busy to avoid nail biting and other destructive tasks.

Go for a walk where are you able to keep in touch to  nature.

Change the place to get out of tension.

Indulged yourself  in reading book which is a healthy activity’ it not only make your mind busy but also take your thinking away from the present situation of tension.

In tension some people have a habit of excessive eating and for such people this  eating style is the main cause of obesity ………. for this I have a tip’ eat fruits rather them fast foods/snacks/biscuits as we know fruits are much better then fast foods, etc.

Some people feel free or less tense  by expressing the cause of tension ; if they are unable to express the cause of tension to any near and dear ones ,go to the place of worship or any peaceful place’  sit there and say it and feel free.

Do not get busy with tension; tension or tension creating things/people is not important in your life to whom you allocate your precious moments/hours  …….. it is not your friend  it is actually your foe and you have to avoid it as much as possible. This is your homework  to keep yourself indulged in some  healthy activity  to ruin it.

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  1. asmar says:

    Thanks for the tips,these are really thought provoking tips

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